ViVi II Music Reactive Light Show System Raises over $200k on Kickstarter

Now the most funded Kickstarter in the 757, this one of a kind music reactive light show system is what pandemic partiers have been missing.

NORFOLK, VA - (November 29, 2021) - Visual Vibes, a locally owned business in Downtown Norfolk with a focus on developing music reactive lighting technology, have successfully funded their second generation controller, the ViVi II on Kickstarter. With the support of 374 backers, Visual Vibes raised $202,976, which will be used to manufacture their ViVi II music reactive light show system. 

Founder, Matt Kachur successfully launched his first music reactive controller in 2016 through Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform, before forming a business around this technology. Visual Vibes LLC now has 4 team members and an office located in the heart of Norfolk. 

The ViVi II Music Reactive Light Show System is truly a one of a kind product that turns every song into an experience. Integrating Visual Vibe’s proprietary VibeSyncTechnology, the ViVi II instantly analyzes audio and controls 3 zones at once with different actions for Bass, Mids and Treble frequency ranges to produce real-time light shows. Zero Programming required. 

The 3 zones also make ViVi II the most versatile light controller ever. The fully independent zones replace the funationationly of 3 separate LED controtolls, allowing for amazing lighting effects and synchronized ambiance across large spaces. You can connect a variety of lighting options such as ball strands, light bars, flood lights, and LED strips interchangeably in each zone and in many configurations.

ViVi II will set the mood with or without music. With static settings and looping animations, you have ultimate control of your vibes for any occasion. It’s easy to set up and get a party started anywhere, simply connect lights, plug in power, then enjoy the show.

The first generation ViVi controller has been enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers and businesses from world renowned DJs, ravers, audiophiles and LED enthusiasts. Starting at $199, the new ViVi II is perfect for instantly setting the perfect vibe in any setting with the option to control via the app or by voice through Google and Alexa smart home devices. 

The ViVI II is now live on Indiegogo InDemand until shipment begins in April 2022. It can be accessed through this link: