Hello ViVi backers! Thanks for being a part of the development process for the most versatile music reactive lighting tool.

Our team has been working diligently to get our creation into your hands and today we want to follow up and share some of the milestones and roadblocks we have faced along the way. There has been so much interest in the product that we have ramped up efforts to gain the best sourcing options available to meet the unexpected demand, but in the process have found ourselves in a major issue.

We recently informed users about an unexpected delay that involves international customs clearance for some key components for ViVi’s PCB a few weeks back, but the severity of the delay behooves us to share unfortunate news:

The current delay looks to push us back to April (2017), which is significantly off from our original plan.

This delay has occurred outside of our reach and is primarily logistical issues, including international customs agencies, that are holding back key components we need for FCC testing and certification.

For a full rundown and timeline of this complex process, you can check our IndieGoGo updates page.

As a team, this is our first time experiencing this type of issue and are focusing on additional solutions to speed up our timeline. We are sticking with our primary suppliers because they are fully vetted and certified to provide all the genuine parts we need to make ViVi the best it can be. Alternative suppliers have been found,  but the quality of components was not up to our standards.

Compromising the quality of the product in order to meet our original timeline was not the way to go.

We’re actively working with a special broker to speed up the clearance, and we will update you with more information as it comes available. In the meantime, we are spending additional funding in order to get enough units for the necessary certifications.

Visual Vibes would like to take this time to maintain transparency with all backers and inform them that neither Matt nor Rajiv are taking ANY salary from the funded amount until we begin shipping out ordered units.


All money that has provided by our crowdfunding campaign is being used to push forward on development, manufacturing, and any other process towards bringing ViVi to market. The only overhead costs being used is for a small office space where programming, testing, and research are being handled.

We sincerely understand your frustration and want to ensure all funders that Visual Vibes is active on Facebook and Twitter to answer any questions you may have and you can always get the latest updates on our IndieGogo updates page.

Thank you for your understanding and support! We couldn’t do this without you.

Matt & Rajiv