VIP Update #1 | New Design

As a VIP, you get access to behind the scenes content as we continue development of the ViVi II Light Show System. Check out the latest below. 

Design Update
When designing the ViVi II, we wanted to improve the overall functionality as well as have a design more reflective of our brand. Since we are designing the ViVi II for mass production, there was a considerable amount of details to consider on the exterior design as well as the internal components. Stay tuned for our next update where share even more insights into our development process. 

The ViVi Classic (for reference)

Early drawings and renders of our new ViVi II

Early prototype testing of ViVi II

ViVi II Polished Prototype v1

ViVi II High Resolution Renders v2

We are currently finalizing the design for manufacturing

Another update will include the polished manufacturing prototype. Stay tuned for more.