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Find solutions to possible problems with your ViVi Music LED Controller.

 Problem Possible Cause Solution
Animation Stops, LEDs Turn Red Too Much Power Draw Through ViVi Reduce brightness to reduce power draw.
To reset ViVi unplug the power, wait 30
seconds, and plug back in. Unplug LED
strips if ViVi crashes before you can change
brightness in the app.
“ViVi-LED” Not Showing in App
Device List
Location Permission or Location Option Off (not to be confused with GPS) Our VibeLink app requires location permission to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. If your phone has an option for “Location” and it is turned off it disables Bluetooth scanning by apps even if Bluetooth is on. GPS can be off and is not used by our app.
ViVi Shutdown or is Not Powered Unplug power from ViVi and then plug power back in
Not Syncing to Music Volume Too Low For line-in connections the audio source should have the volume set to 70% or higher for good audio analysis, this is especially important for Treble. For microphones the ambient music level should be 75 dB or higher, meaning you should need to raise your voice so others in the room can hear you. Move the microphone as close to the speaker as possible to increase the music level.
LEDs Not Lighting Full Strip App LED Count Settings Need Adjusting The default LED count is 120, but a standard full strip is 150 LEDs. Go to the settings tab to adjust the LED count to match the strip. If two strips are connected to each other then their total length becomes 300.
App may crash upon connection (iOS) If all outputs are set to Constant animations, or OFF, and all outputs have 200 or more LEDs. This bug was discovered in September 2019 and is being resolved.
LED count +/- button adjustment for bass output changes mid output LED count instead. (iOS) The +/- buttons for the bass output LED count setting make adjustments to the mid range LED count instead.  The bass slider still works to adjust the bass LED count (going over the desired value by 5 LEDs looks fine, the slider can be tricky to get exact).   This bug was discovered in September 2019 and will be patched soon.


Power Supply Guidelines

ViVi can pass through a maximum of 5 amps of continuous current. If this is exceeded, a protective circuit shuts down the controller and any lit LEDs turn red and the animation will freeze. Use these guidelines to stay within the limit. If you want a setup that exceed the limit, you can attach more power directly to the LED strips. 


Solid Color

NOTE: the included USB-barrel-plug cable is meant for portable setups only and should be used with a low quantity of LEDs at a lower brightness. USB sources typically only provide 1A or 2.4A and when this is exceeded they decreases their voltage or shutdown, too low of voltage can cause ViVi to shutdown or freeze.

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