ViVi Music LED Controller with VibeSync - Controller-Only Kit
ViVi Music LED Controller with VibeSync - Controller-Only Kit
ViVi Music LED Controller with VibeSync - Controller-Only Kit
ViVi Music LED Controller with VibeSync - Controller-Only Kit

ViVi Music LED Controller with VibeSync - Controller-Only Kit

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  • Plug & Play. Zero Programming. ViVi is portable, versatile and easily expandable so you can “Bring Your Music to Light” any way you want. You can liven up any party, wow a crowd, or fuel your creativity all for a fraction of the cost of comparable professional lighting products and without the endless hours of setup and programming.
  • Total Control In Your Hands. Easily adjust the color, animation, max brightness, and more with the free VibeLink app. There are millions of possible configurations to fine tune ViVi to match your exact preferences, or you can choose dynamic modes that let ViVi continuously change the show for you. Android/iOS Support.
  • Real-Time Music Reactive Lighting using VibeSync technology. Make an LED display, control lights in your car, install a mobile DJ setup, strap it to your bike, add excitement to your bar, or use it in costumes.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE: Power Supply or LED Strips
  • Includes:
    • (qty 3) LED Strip Adapter Cables
    • (qty 3) 6.5ft/2m LED Strip Extension Cables
    • (qty 1) External 3.5mm Wired Microphone
    • (qty 1) 3.5mm AUX Audio Splitter Cable
    • (qty 1) 3.5mm Aux Audio Cable, male-to-male, 3 meters
    • (qty 1) USB-to-5V DC Power Cable (for low power portable use)


Bring Your Music to Light, ViVi creates stunning reactive light shows automatically to any song. 

ViVi is the first music LED controller designed to be fully automated and sound reactive out of the box.

Exclusive VibeSync technology generates various animations through 3 unique outputs with zero programming and can help anyone create complex high performance light shows for all types of music.

Enhance your atmosphere as ViVi can use different frequencies and showcase various animations and colors.  

ViVi Sets Up In 2 Minutes 

ViVi is small enough to fit in your hand, yet powerful enough to light up a stage. Setup is easy with a few quick plug-in connections for LED strips, power, and audio.  

ViVi is Changing The Future of Live Lighting Control 

You only need one ViVi controller to manage up to 12* addressable LED strips and up to 900 unique LEDs, making it the most robust and versatile music reactive led controller on the market, with constant development to add more features and support to fit your next project. 

Tech Specs 

  • Dimensions: 2.4" x 3.8" x 1.0" (61 x 95 x 25 mm) 
  • Weight: 2.0 oz (56 grams) 
  • Voltage: 5 Volts (input and output) 
  • Current Draw: 65 mA (controller only, does not include LED strips) 
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm jack; mic-level, instrument-level, or line-level # of 
  • LEDs: control up to 900 unique LED addresses; can control 1,000's more LEDs by splitting the output signal and having multiple strips show same effect 
  • Max Output Current to LEDs (Passthrough): 5 Amps; LED strips can be powered directly, or separately if more power is needed
  • Supported LED Types: WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B 
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2