ViVi > WOW

We added a ViVi to our home gaming system to level up our experience. We used our standard 4 Strip Kit adding two (2) LED strips for Bass along the base of the floor and up the wall, one (1) LED strip coiled around the desk base to show off Mids, and one (1) more LED strip behind the monitors for Treble. 

So whether you're looking to add a finishing touch to your epic setup or add a little more light to your moms basement, ViVi can handle it. 

 Product(s) Used:

     x 1 ViVi 4 Strip Kit

Preset(s) Used:

Animation Option Color Option Color
Bass Scale Linear Static Purple
Mids Sparkle Explosion Static White
Treble Magic Stick Static Purple

Notes: This is the preset used in the video but there are countless combinations you can make. 

Suggested Music & Videos

The song played in the video is What Are They Building in There??? by Rhythm Scott but here are some more of our favorites: 

EDM Gaming Mix