The ViVi Music LED Controller was recently funded through our Kickstarter efforts and we couldn’t be happier from the support we received. We designed this controller from the ground up to create beat-matched light shows in real-time all from the comfort of your smartphone.

As we’ve connected to our many users through some great video and social media content, we also noticed a large amount of questions regarding features, availability, and even best practices on how to use ViVi.

So we’ve made this FAQ post to answer some of the most common questions. We encourage you to reach out to us if we missed something, as we intend to update this post and share it as much as we can to those interested in the ViVi Music LED Controller.

If you are here and don’t know what ViVi is, we recommend you watch our Kickstarter video that explains a good amount of detail on what it is and why we felt this was a product any music lover would appreciate. Check it out here.

Technical Specs & Features

This area will cover specific questions on the ViVi Music LED Controller and common questions we’ve been asked through social media and e-mail.

What is VibeSync™ Technology?

VibeSync is a music reactive technology that is exclusive to ViVi, combining analog and digital processes that were designed specifically to accurately analyze music rather than just sound triggers to produce amazing lighting effects.

VibeSync allows music data to be split into three common EQ channels:

  • Bass (Low frequency)
  • Midrange
  • Treble (High frequency)

This allows for complete control over how your music can best be visualized for an audience.

Read more about how VibeSync™ works on our blog @

What kind of LED Lighting will ViVi work with?



ViVi was designed to support addressable LED strips and fixtures. ViVi currently supports the following models of LEDs – which can be in the form of strips, strings, matrices, or individual LEDS:

  • WS2813
  • WS2812B
  • WS2812
  • WS2811

ViVi’s software will be updated (through the app) to add support for more LED types in the future.  ViVi has 4-pin connectors so it will be able to support 4-wire LED strips such as APA102 and WS2801 with only software updates.

ViVi does NOT support non-addressable LEDs, as the dynamic lighting effects and animations require the digital chip on each individual LED.

How many LEDs can ViVi control?

Currently, 500 unique LEDs is the maximum listed, but this is what we consider a soft limit. Since the initial prototype, we have upgraded the processor and increased control up to 2,000 LEDs, but further optimization is needed to increase the frame-rate and provide smooth animations. We hope to have this sorted out by the time mass production units are reaching our backers.

Can a signal booster be added to increase the number of LEDs?

Unfortunately, no. Adding LEDs requires information to the data signal, which requires additional memory use on the processor. As previously mentioned, ViVi’s processor has enough memory to control 2,000 unique LED points.

However, if you split the signal from one output to multiple strips, then the additional strips are using the same data signal and do not count against the total number of unique, so you can duplicate your animations and color scheme over 1000s of LEDs.


How are ViVi and the LED strips powered?

ViVi is powered with 5V via a standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel jack.  A 5V power adapter with a barrel plug or a USB port can be used with the included USB-to-barrel-plug adapter cable, making it very easy to plug directly into a USB power bank.


The LED strips are then draw data and power communications with ViVi through a single cable. This simplified connectivity allows for much cleaner cable management and less setup time.

For large scale setups (nearing the 2000 LED mark), there may be a drop off in power over distance, so we recommend an additional power supply on the opposite end of the strip to help balance the power. We will provide setup guides and recommended power supplies in a future setup guide.

All addressable LED strips purchased through our Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or upcoming online store will include a DC barrel jack at both ends of the strip to allow for easy plug-in for generic power supplies.

Third party LED strips may have extra wires attached, but may require manual soldering in order to add a barrel jack connector.


What is the Accessory Port used for?

The latest revision of ViVi added a 4-pin accessory port based on feedback from some early testing. While we will not have accessories available at the launch of ViVi, we are now able to develop plug-in attachments that will push ViVi into the forefront of lighting controllers.

Possible attachments include:

  • Accelerometers for costumes and wearable users
  • DJ Control Pads for those that prefer to avoid using their smartphone during performances
  • MIDI Input to set lighting animations and color schemes
  • IR Receivers for various remote functionality

Since ViVi can receive firmware updates through the included smartphone app, the addition of this port on the final manufactured units means added functionality right out of the box!


Pricing & Availability

Interested in getting your own ViVi? This portion of the FAQ will outline availability and release schedules for various regions. Dates are subject to change, but we’ll always update this section to match with the most current timeline.

How much is ViVi?

The ViVi Music LED control will retail for $299 as a standalone kit. Included are:

  • 1x ViVi Music LED Controller
  • 1x External Microphone (3.5mm connector)
  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Splitter (Input – connect to sound sources)
  • 1x USB-to-5V DC Power Cable
  • 3x LED Strip Adapter Cables

During our Kickstarter, we also provided multiple packages for various setups. We will create buyer guides and recommended setups based on different uses, so we encourage you to follow us on our social media channels or sign up for The Vibe newsletter to get the latest info.

Where can I buy it?

ViVi was exclusively for pre-order on our Kickstarter campaign, but it has fully passed funding as of September 30, 2016.

We are now taking additional pre-orders through our Indiegogo page.

Once all reserved units have been fulfilled, we will have them sold through our online store.

When will it ship to backers?

We’re currently submitting the final design to our factory and are currently on track to receive our samples by mid-November. If everything goes well, we will ship to backers by early to mid-December.

I’m interested in purchasing ViVi to sell. Who do I contact?

As of right now, we currently do not have any reseller and distribution agreements until we have our final product to our satisfaction. Once we have fulfilled our initial quantities, we will then begin reaching out to interested parties.

If you would like to be in contact with us for distribution in your country, please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.